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Long Term Radon Measurement Devices

Long term measurements of radon are, without a doubt, the most accurate means of measuring radon gas concentrations. They are typically deployed for 9-12 months which compensates for seasonal changes in temperature, humidity and ventilation variables.  If your short term tests return a concentration over 3.0 pCi/L, we recommend performing a long term measurement.  Since we the greatest amount of our lives in bed, we recommend placing two of these devices side by side on your nightstand.  This process will help you decide to take the next step of seeking radon reduction/mitigation.

Alpha track, long term test devices record radon levels as radon particles land on a plate within the device and decay.  As they decay, they leave a mark/track on the plate which is then examined and radon levels are determined by the number of tracks left by the alpha particles. Accustar again produces our choice for long term alpha track devices.  There are many other manufacturers of other alpha track devices and still others that produce results using a different method, but for the money and convenience we recommend the Accustar device. It comes in a two pack.  Place them side by side on your nightstand for 9-12 months and follow the instructions for sending them to the lab for analysis. Click the image for purchase information.

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