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Short Term Radon Measurement Devices

Short term radon measurements are the most popular choice by home owners to measure the radon concentrations in their homes.  Though inexpensive, they are very accurate when the instructions are followed for closed house conditions and for device placement.  Short term tests tell us if we have a radon problem and are a starting point into discovery.  We recommend two devices, placed side by side, in the lowest inhabitable level of the home, in the breathing zone (see each device's included instruction sheet).  Our  device recommendations below each include return postage to the lab for analysis.

1st Alert Radon Test Kit is the most popular because it is the cheapest at less than $20.00.  But look close, it only contains one device.  We recommend placing two devices side by side.  (Click image to see purchase details}

Accustar Short Term Radon Kits are  the choice of many measurement professionals and are our favorite devices as well. Unlike a continuous radon monitor the sample must be sent away delaying results for a week. But fast turn around lab results, two collection vials in a self contained mailing box, thorough instructions and highly accurate results make it our choice when we have the time. Approximately $35.00 (Click the image to see purchase details.)

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